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LandWatch for Situational Awareness and ESG Strategy Innovation

Project Profile
LandWatch for Situational Awareness and ESG Strategy Innovation

Industrial Client


Our Germany-based corporate client owns industrial facilities vulnerable to operational interruptions or limitations resulting from adjacent third-party land development activities, including zoning changes.

To assist our client, Terradex deployed its LandWatch solution to track, monitor, and review all land development activities around its industrial facilities portfolio and aggregate them into an automated monthly report for the company. Terradex aggregates multiple government agency repositories across Germany at the state, regional, and city levels. The land development records are analyzed in the local German language. Terradex tracks and maintains status of these projects across their duration.

The customer observes project status in a regular monthly report and through secure web access that integrates web mapping of the facility boundary to the boundaries of the land development projects.

Detecting and monitoring these projects provides the client with situational awareness, allowing them to proactively engage with public and private stakeholders to address community concerns, manage any potential adverse business or public safety impacts, and avoid unanticipated expenses.

Ultimately, this approach allows our industrial client to identify and mitigate operational and public safety risks while simultaneously supporting their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

Multiple levels of government can approve land development that can impact operations. LandWatch enables proactive engagement by alerting and tracking nearby projects under review.
Around a facility (blue) Terradex monitors land activities associated with future land development. As related land activities are detected, Terradex groups the activities into projects (orange).
Land development activities are sequential, building on previous government authorizations. Engaging early in the approval process provides an opportunity to maintain environmental, social, and governance interests and the client’s operations.

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