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LandWatch for Public Safety and Community Engagement

Project Profile
LandWatch for Public Safety and Community Engagement

Utility Client


Our client had a short six-week deadline to establish a notification system alerting any excavator working on a public right of way about the existence of Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) residues in the ground and informing them about their eligibility for reimbursement for costs incurred for the removal and disposal of affected soil or groundwater associated with the excavations of soils containing MGP residuals.

The notification needed to be intuitive and delivered within 48 hours. Terradex consumed and screened excavation clearance tickets and transmitted an easy-to-understand notice to excavators as well as affected property occupants, including homeowners, residents, non-profit and other tax-exempt organizations, and neighboring small businesses.

Quarterly summary performance reports generate ongoing proof of timely review.

“We could not have met this compliance
obligation without Terradex.”

An email notice sent to an excavator providing context and potential eligibility for reimbursement for soil management.
A performance report is generated that summarizes timeliness of notifications transmitted to excavators.

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