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Monitoring Residential Vapor Mitigation Systems

Project Profile
Monitoring Residential Vapor Mitigation Systems

Industrial Client


Where contamination persisted offsite, our industry client needed to ensure the continuous operation of residential vapor mitigation systems to avoid exposure risks to residents. If the vapor mitigation systems lost power or otherwise failed to perform, risks to occupants could occur, even in the short term.

LandWatch Remote Sensor

This innovative workflow solution provides monitoring, alerting, and quick response to VI system performance issues, and a convenient way to track this remedy along with the client’s other institutional control obligations.

LandWatch Remote VI System Monitoring Schematic

To address this concern, Terradex placed remote sensing apparatus on each VI system. The sensors monitor power, flow, and pressure to verify ongoing system VI system performance. These real-time system status reports integrate into Terradex LandWatch, which provides hourly readings (among other things). If a system failure occurs, immediate alerts are transmitted to the client team.

LandWatch VI System Hourly Readings

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