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Terradex gains gsa contract vehicle to serve federal clients

Terradex, a unique and pioneering provider of information-based long-term stewardship (LTS) services, is pleased to announce its award of U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 899 Contract for Environmental Services (Contract number GA-10F-009AA).

Through this GSA contract, federal clients can tailor and procure the Terradex LandWatch and similar LTS services they need to support remedy protection at a single site or across multiple sites.   The GSA award also makes Terradex a GSA Advantage contractor, which means that our services can be accessed through the convenient GSA Advantage online shopping and ordering system.  Procuring Terradex LTS services under the GSA approach assures the most competitive single-site and multi-site discounted rates.

LTS needs vary from site to site.  Whether a federal project officer seeks LTS services that affirmatively notify third-parties of residual hazards, or simply seeks to gather land activity data to inform and strengthen periodic remedy reviews, the flexible Terradex LandWatch service can be customized and tailored to meet site-specific LTS needs. The following are representative uses of Terradex LandWatch for LTS.

  • Institutional Control Monitoring
    IC monitoring helps assure compliance with ICs and protectiveness of remedies. Terradex LandWatch monitors land activity data sources, ranging widely to de- tect activities such as daycare uses, groundwater uses, property sales, owner- ship changes, new tenancies, building permit issuances, and excavations and sends web-based alerts when land activities appear in conflict with ICs. Terradex LandWatch tracks alerts and keeps a readily accessible record and sum- mary report of all land activities at and near sites.
  • Engineering Control Protection
    By monitoring excavation and new construction activities, Terradex Landwatch can send alerts to regulatory agencies and/or automatic advisories to other stakeholders, cautioning of Engineering Controls that might conflict with planned activities.
  • Local Government Engagement
    Local government engagement supports government controls. Terradex map and web services help inform local governments as to the boundaries, restric- tions, and residual risks associated with ICs and ECs and, in turn, support government efforts to properly advise stakeholders via “on demand advisories” of land activity restrictions. Terradex LandWatch can also audit government con- trol processes to help assure that activities meant to be prohibited actually do not occur.
  • Five Year Remedy Review Support
    Because Terradex LandWatch tracks land activity information, the summary reports support IC and EC-related evaluations during Five-Year-Reviews. Land activity summary reports, land ownership tracking, and map-based presentations in particular prove useful.

Under the contract, federal clients can procure LandWatch services on a single-site basis anywhere within the United States.  The GSA contract provides multi-site discounting, and allows Terradex to bring LTS expertise via negotiated professional services rates. Terradex is a certified small business and can provide sole-source rationalization upon request.

Our Terradex GSA Capability Form overviews the Terradex LandWatch offering and offers a step-by-step guide to procure Terradex services through the GSA process, informing both new and experienced users of GSA contracts.  We look forward to broadening our services to new federal agencies and expanding our national service coverage.

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