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Long Term Stewardship At Vapor Intrusion Sites – Looking At The End Game

Long term stewardship (LTS)  is the “end game” of any vapor intrusion problem. Any smart player, considers the “end game” at the start and during play. Knowing the “end game” sets a smart direction for any stakeholder of a vapor intrusion – a responsible party, landowner, environmental agency staff, and the public.

Mr. Henry Schuver in today’s presentation invited  focusing on the  “end game”. Mr. Schuver has led a number of national conferences on vapor intrusion for the USEPA. Terradex’s services have always been an element of the end game, and Mr. Schuver invites bringing this forward.

This video is to be shared at the March 18, 2014 workshop on Vapor Intrusion (VI) Exposure – the Challenges of, Need for, and Benefits of Long Term Stewardship sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

So what is the rationale for LTS?  If the public is protected in the short term, then responsible parties and agencies are offered needed time to address the underlying problems in groundwater that pose vapor intrusion problems, while taking comfort knowing workplaces and residents are protected. According to remarks by EPA, LTS is necessary when residual contamination remains.

LTS embeds protections for the impacted parties – tenant or worker. Protection typically involves engineering controls and smart choices. The engineering controls – active blowers or passive liners – are vulnerable to damage and poor operation. LTS involves making sure the blower stay active, and liners are not damaged. This is where smart decisions come forward, and where Terradex’s technology plays a role.

Fortunately, most individuals come wired to make smart decisions given timely information. LandWatch, as the video shared, brings that information to stakeholders – responsible party, agency, landowner and public. The information we bring is that a liner might be breached, a new excavation might pose a new pathway, a new occupant or tenant is moving in who might not know how to protect the remedy.

So this invites bringing the “end game” forward, implement LTS services such as Terradex’s LandWatch, and have more comfort knowing that remedies are protected now and into the future.

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